LTT is a Lethbridge based company that supplies tractor/trailer service including truckload, less than truckload, warehousing and other freight handling services to a variety of transportation and manufacturing companies out of our terminal located in the northeast corner of the Lethbridge industrial area. LTT operates as a regional carrier within, but not limited to roughly a 1000 km radius with licensing and operating authority throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana, Idaho and Washington.

We are authorized to haul LCV (extended length vehicle combinations) and are a proud member of the PIC Program (Partners in Compliance) with a Safety Fitness Rating of “Excellent” on our Alberta Transportation Carrier Profile. The commodities we handle for the most part are: dry bulk, dry and refrigerated general freight and specialized deck freight.

LTT operates the Canada Customs Highway Sufferance Warehouse. (Inland Port #703) and is well known locally, provincially, nationally and internationally as a transportation company that prides itself on finding ways to handle the needs of our customers by all means, and rarely if ever saying no.

Our focus is to continue to operate a tractor service and a freight handling service to local, provincial, national and international carriers, as well as multiple suppliers in southern Alberta. Long-term, we expect to steadily grow to meet the needs of our ever expanding customer base and look to diversify our niche in the challenging world of transportation.

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